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First an army, now EU nuclear weapons on the horizon..

by Westmonster - March 6, 2017

The New York Times is reporting that Eurocrats are considering obtaining nuclear weapons as they feel they can no longer rely on protection from America. Support for the proposal seems to come largely from the Germans.

The plan would see France and even Britain’s nuclear deterrents put under EU control. Roderich Kiesewetter, a German foreign policy spokesman told a German newspaper: “My idea is to build on the existing weapons in Great Britain and France,” however he did admit Brexit may put a spanner in the plan to include Britain. Very big of him.

Kiesewetter’s plan would see the EU take control of France’s nukes, finance them with German money and force other European member states to store warheads in their countries.

Angela Merkel has denied such a plan exists, but it is undeniably being discussed at the highest levels of government across Europe. Hungary and Poland voiced their support of such a plan shortly after Kiesewetter gave his interview.

Most chilling of all is the fact that Kiesewetter said: “These are political weapons. Their use must be unpredictable”. Given how europhiles denied there were plans for an EU army, talk of them now obtaining a ‘political weapon’ should send shivers down every European’s spine. In accordance with Sec 107 of Chapter 1 of Title 17 of U.S. Copyright Law, this material is distributed without charge or other commercial interest for the purposes of comment, teaching, scholarship and review.

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The origin of the British people came from Ephraim, one of two sons of Joseph the former Prime Minister of Egypt, the son of Jacob whose name was changed by God to 'overcomer with God,' 'Israel.'

We all know of Joseph's coat of many colors (probably plaid or tartan) which the British Royal Family ware so proudly today as direct descendants of King David of Israel through Solomon. See 'The United States And Britain In Prophecy' on Page 1 of the America And Britains Future Free Library for total proof.

You may know the history of ancient Israel's relationship with God. He began working with one man Abraham to establish a nation, consisting of the families of Jacob's twelve sons later grown into nations, now located in Western and North Western Europe, the British descendant nations and the United States.

After the death of Solomon the kingdom split into two nations, the ten northern families became known as Israel and the three southern descendants, Judah, Levi and Benjamin became known as Judah.

Israel, the northern kingdom, was constantly threatened with invasion by the Assyria Empire to the north. Because of the growing amount of lawbreaking in the nation, God used the Assyrian's as "The rod of my anger" against the people He had chosen to exemplify His way of life to the world.

This included the keeping of the TEN basic factors of His law, His seven annual Festivals which He ordered "to be kept FOREVER IN ALL OF YOUR GENERATIONS" and HIS SEVENTH DAY SABBAT, which is now-the sixth day Saturday-on the new European calendar, also in Britain because of the 'calendar change' made by the Catholic church in a feeble attempt to make their SUN DAY of worship appear to be the seventh day Sabbath!

God Rejecting Nation

After separating from Judah the Northern Kingdom totally rejected Gods' laws and refused to keep His Sabbath of rest and His Feast Days, replacing these with much of what their descendant nations of America and Britain celebrate today! Including the Lord Of The Dead HALLOWEEN celebration which we need to reject.

We need to GO BACK to keeping GODS' LAWS and HIS SABBATH'S as a SIGN between 'each individual in our nations' and collectively AS NATIONS in order to demonstrate to God that we are prepared to live in obedience to His laws in order to receive HIS protection from the coming nuclear holocaust against us!

Coming From GERMANY

This nuclear attack and captivity will come from Germany-the descendants of the Assyrian Empire-chosen by God as our disciplinarians way back then, 'the rod of Gods' anger' See Isa. Ch10:5,6 against "His chosen people." This time Germany will control the united armed forces of TEN European-mainly Catholic nations. So there are more nations to leave the EU and to go into captivity in Europe as occurred during World War Two.

Assyria took Israel our ancestors into a national captivity dragging them out of their land, placing them between the Caucus Mountain and the Caspian Sea. Most of the American population are classed as 'Caucasian' today because our historians have rightly traced our ancestors back to the area of their captivity!

To where ancient Israel was dragged out of their wealthy, wealthy nation, the same will happen to the US and Britain!

Running To GERMANY

Through our nations ancient and modern history we have been given the leadership we deserve, easily demonstrated by Winston Churchill's predecessor who returned to Britain from Germany waving a signed agreement with Adolph Hitler and declaring "peace in our time" when all sensible observer could see that Germany was about to launch a SECOND WORLD WAR.

Today we see the British Prime Minister running to Germany seeking the German Chancellors APPROVAL for her speeches to the British people on concession after concession to the EU Brexit negotiators taking INSULT after INSULT after INSULT!

Acting like 'A SILLY DOVE' a term used thousands of years ago to describe our ancestors as they ran to Assyria the ancestors of the Germans, pleading with those who God finally used to physically DRAG our ancestors out of the land which GOD HAD GIVEN THEM!

The very same thing will be done TO OUR NATIONS in the very near future as many amongst us have sunk into a disobedient REJECTION of God and His laws when in fact it is OUR RESPONSIBILITY to set the entire world the RIGHT EXAMPLE!

We have taken ALL of the wealth God has given to us while BREAKING the contractual agreement which our ancestors made. Whether knowingly or not WE ARE SERIOUSLY IN BREACH OF CONTRACT.

Britain and America were given control of TWO THIRDS of the wealth of the entire world! In the US alone FORTY PERCENT of the wealth of the world was given to SEVEN PERCENT of the world's population!

It is time now in Gods' 7,000-year plan for all nations to be brought under direct rulership from God, and that does not mean from the German-Vatican Church and State authority!

Germany Today Rules Europe

Now we see Germany once again IN CHARGE OF ALL OF EUROPE building units from twenty-three European nations into THE GERMAN ARMY and stating that GERMANY IS PREPARED TO PAY FOR NUCLEAR WEAPONS, and they WILL HAVE THEM and they WILL USE THEM ON OUR CITIES!!!

May GOD open our eyes individually and NATIONALLY to understand this WARNING!

See related information on this page and on Page 1 of the American And British Future Free Library.



More U.S. provocation during the July 2018 NATO summit has once again caused the German Chancellor to issue a repeat of her former statement "We Can No Longer Rely On The U.S. To Protect Europe."

She seems to disregard the fact that President Trump's open public statements asking the member nations to pay up their 2% of GDP contributions have caused tens of billions to flood into the NATO organizations bank account with billions more on the way.

So why then does Merkel take this position? It is clear that she and the leadership of the European Union have something else in mind, and that is obviously very true!

It is now time for GERMANY to form the twenty-three volunteering EU Nations armed forces into a ONE GERMAN-EU ARMED FORCES, complete with NUCLEAR WEAPONS!

Germany's hand-picked EU President Jon-Claud Junkert has stated that "a ONE PERCENT OF GDP member nations contribution will be sufficient to pay for the new EU ARMY" undercutting NATO's 2% and the 4% contribution now called for by President Trump.

As the animosity grows we will see the most modern GERMAN-EU Armed Forces spring into existence CONTROLLED BY THE GERMAN ARMY! UNDER GERMAN COMMAND! COMPLETE WITH NUCLEAR WEAPONS! POINTED IN OUR DIRECTION!

I wrote about this before President Trump's election, as well as before, during and after the BREXIT referendum, see the article as follows...


The German Chancellor: "We are now the leader of the free world, and we Germans will lead Europe to do great things." and "Germany can no longer totally rely on America and Britain for protection..."

Since these statements were made by the person the Germans call 'mother', Angela Merkel's hand-picked President of the EU Parliament Jon-Claud Junker has announced the integration of United European armed forces by 2025!

Twenty-three E.U. nations have signed to contribute to the building of this massive military force and Germany is now in the process of integrating units of former East Block forces into the German army.

As reported in the Westmonster article above, Germany is prepared to pay for a European NUCLEAR ARSENAL and long-range rockets are under construction in the guise of the European Space Project!

Asleep To German Intentions!

Our nations are asleep to the true intentions of those who control Germany and the seven hundred and fifty member government of the new single nation EUROPE of today!

Now, during the Brexit crisis, German intentions for this coming reality has been exposed! Germany and the European Union are now assembling a joint European Armed Forces and Germany intends to have NUCLEAR WEAPONS with long-range delivery systems capable of reaching American cities and of destroying American industry!

If you have studied World War Two you will realize that Germany was defeated mainly because of the fact that American industry was out of reach of German bomber fleets! American industrial production could out-produced German industry, this gave our nations "the tools to finish the job" of defeating the German war machine.

Germany has learned that to win next time American Industrial cities MUST be destroyed at the very outset of World War Three. This means cities on both the East and West coasts of the United States WILL be hit with GERMAN-EU NUCLEAR WEAPONS ATTACKS!

Prophecy tells us that when acquired these weapons will be used to destroy American and British cities! See 'Germany in Prophecy'.

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In late June of 2018 President Trump announced his new directive to the Pentagon to create a sixth branch of the U.S. Armed Forces to be known as Space Force.

This announcement came in the midst of other prominent political issues such as immigration but few realize that the size and scope of the president's announcement will, to use one of his phrases "BE HUGE!"

Two major entities concerning space already exist: The National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) created in 1961 with a budget of around $15 Billion, and the Air Force Space Command established in1982, this has 36,000 personnel and a budget of $8.50 Billion.

The creation of the new Space Force will mean that this agency will not report to the Air Force high command but will "be equal too but separate from the Air Force."

Since the U.S. revealed its X37B unmanned spacecraft with capacity to stay in orbit for more than 200 days carrying an 'unspecified payload' all other serious contenders including Europe, China, and Russia, must meet this challenge by placing weaponry in space!

Seven years ago I wrote of U.S. and British enemies placing weapons of mass destruction in space. A stark warning to the possibility of attack from space on the cities of our nations by the coming EU-German Armed Forces!

German-E.U. Nuclear Weapons!

The creation of this was finally announced earlier this year - A COMBINED EUROPEAN ARMED FORCES BY 2025! And Germany has said THEY WILL PAY FOR A NUCLEAR ARSENAL!

This was called for by the German Chancellor and announced by Germany's puppet President of the seven hundred and fifty member strong European Parliament. Some will remember the JUNKERT BOMBER built by the United Europe President Jon-Claud Junkert's family for NAZI GERMANY.

French and possibly British Nuclear Weapons may be used as the basis for an enlarged European Nuclear Arsenal to complement the formation of the new European Armed Forces by 2025!

My warning is contained in the following article: 'Why Do The Germans Dominate Europe: For The Third Time?'

As follows...


Are most Americans and British aware of what space-based weaponry is? The ability to carry nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction into space, then to achieve re-entry of multiple warheads from orbit less than 200 miles above U.S. and British major population centers without warning and with no place to hide.

This requires little nuclear build up, no long drawn out period of silo building, testing generations of rockets, only the ability and the will to carry this out, in the not too distant future!

Prophecy states that Germany will begin a THIRD WAR, against America and Britain. At the outset of which they will destroy our major industrial cities and military installations rendering it impossible to defend our nations!

Recently Germany has announced they are working on the development of a truly stealthy aircraft-bomber without the need of an accompanying radar blocking plain, you may remember a U.S. Stealth was shot down when unaccompanied.

Germany also hosts an annual gathering of MILITARY COMPUTER EXPERTS from around the world.

Germany's Dubious Task

Long ago the ancestors of the Germans, 'Men Of War,' so called by the Romans, were appointed as ancient Israel's disciplinarians. "The rod of my anger," Isa. 10: 5,6.

Asshur, formed the Assyrian empire taking Israel into captivity, removing them from their land, and placed them between the Caspian Sea and the Caucus mountains, that is why most Americans are known as Caucasians today.

Later the descendants of Asshur, from which the name 'Deutsch' is derived, migrated to central Europe, the Syrian part remains in the Middle East.

Germany has fulfilled this dubious task of exacting punishment on all modern day descendant nations of ancient Israel, now located in the U.S., Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the nations of Western and North Western Europe.

Today, Germany once again DOMINATES Europe economically and politically, and has already developed the Arian rocket, launching several tons of payload into orbit from their base in South America and with a huge budget has created the European Space Project building LONG RANGE ROCKETS!

See' Germany In Prophecy' See also the short 'United States And Britain In Prophecy' on Library Page 1.




I stood on Cocoa Beach, Florida in April and again in June of 2018 to observe the Cape Canaveral launch of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, the first time for a day time launch, the second for a night time launch.

Watching and listening to the intensive roar of the small brilliant white-hot flame as it soared through the vast open blue sky on the first launch, it crossed my mind just how feeble our attempt to "conquer space" really is!

Following the successful launch, I was fortunate to have three of the SpaceX team explain the mission to me and learned that this was actually the launch of a NASA craft which would circle the moon for the next several years searching for earth-like planets within a few thousand miles radius.

The second launch carried equipment to improve Middle-East communications, which will prove to be of great importance to the rest of the world in the future.

The night time launch was most dramatic with a truly rocket like red visual complete with a red hot tail streaming through the night sky at 12:45. This time the launch was delayed from its original launch time by around fifteen minutes with a longer window of opportunity, the first launch could have been delayed for only THREE SECONDS otherwise the window to space would close!

Only Eight Planets?

Until a short 25 years ago, we were only aware of the EIGHT planets in our own solar system! Today, no one who has taken interest in space exploration is unaware of the endless discoveries and possibility of multiple millions and billions of planets to be charted!

Paul Hertz, director of the Astrophysics Division at NASA recently explained: "Since then we've found THOUSANDS of planets orbiting other stars, and we think that all the stars in our own galaxy must have their own family of planets!"

We Will All Go To Space!

One day in the not too distant future, we will be given the ability to populate the vastness of space!

This is the surprising plan the two incredible beings known to us by the collective name of God have PLANED for all of us, to inhabit the vastness of space!

I like to say "we will be given a planet each and space will be the freeway." This is what God has planed for us!

As we mature to the point where we have overcome our own human nature and the influence of the tremendous pull to use the development of rocketry and nuclear physics for destructive means, then we will have the physical limitation now placed upon us lifted and ALL of SPACE will be opened unto US!

See 'Who Will Rule Space' on Page 3 also 'What is God's Purpose For Mankind' on Page 4. of the America And Britains Future Free Library, and the following short article.

THE REASON FOR HUMAN LIFE: God Is Reproducing Himself!

Are we simply victims of the evolutionary process here to experience momentary conscientiousness, or is there a reason and a purpose for each of our lives?

Einstein believed in the existence of a Planner - Designer, Darwin persuaded some away from the necessity for a great First Cause. Churchill believed there was 'a purpose being worked out here below,' but could not explain that purpose.

Consider the following, in Genesis 1:26, this statement is made: "Let Us make humankind in Our image according to Our likeness..."

And speaking of the One who was placed in charge of this process, "...He was in the beginning with God, all things came into being through Him..." John 1:3. "...and the Word became flesh and lived among us" John1:14.

He became"...The FIRSTBORN within A LARGER FAMILY." Romans 8:29. n.r.s.

Two Incredible Beings

These TWO incredible beings began the concept of the family, becoming the first 'Father and Son' beginning 'The Family Of God' and 'The Human Family'.

This process will later achieve a much greater purpose in Gods' seven thousand year plan being worked out to enlarge the God Family, to be expanded to thousands and to millions and later to BILLIONS of all who have ever lived!

This Is The Reason For Human Life!

Another Incredible Truth

But there is another incredible truth to learn. In order for you to become a member of Gods' Family, another BIG PROMISE is made, that 'YOU will eventually live forever'! John 3:16. Romans 8:17.

We will be given the ability to live forever, at first here 'on the earth,' "...and they will reign (or rule) on the earth! Rev 5: 10. Later to populate every planet!

Why Do The Planets Exist?

Not following the false concept of winging our way to heaven as an immortal soul as Socrates brought back to Greece from pre-Christian Egypt, later accepted by the Church at Rome, starkly in contrast with the scriptural 'resurrection from the dead' at Christ's return.

See all related scriptures in 'Why Were You Born' and 'Who Will Rule Space' on Page 3 also 'What is God's Purpose For Mankind' on Page 4. And 'Does God Exist' on Pages 1 of the Library.

Be prepared for many more surprises, this will be a truly exciting eye-opening experience for you. Learn about 'your future' and the final happy peaceful outcome of America And Britains Future in the America And Britains Future Free Library.


Three million people enter the U.S. legally every year to live and work. One million become citizens each year! This figure alone is higher than ALL other nations combined! Britain admitted 30,000 each year before a common E.U. Passport was issued to half a Billion E.U. citizens. Canada and Australia also have generous immigration policies, admitting thousands each year.

Scripture shows that those coming from foreign countries, who live peacefully within the law are 'grafted in,' actually becoming part of us. These newcomers contribute to our national prosperity. They celebrate our achievements, suffer with us in our trials, and are given every opportunity to achieve their highest human potential.

In addition, Billions of dollars are sent to families around the world by these new immigrants and additional Billions of dollars and British pounds are sent in foreign aid to improve conditions in developing countries.

No other nations in world history have had these immigration rates. The American and British peoples have set an excellent example in immigration.

Our thanks go to the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. It has been my privilege to have lived in four of these five countries and have been a U.S. citizen for 35 years.


Our President fly's to Quebec, Canada this week to face his recently discovered trading enemies waiting there to devour him.

But this cool-headed son of a Scottish mother is unafraid, knowing that right is on his side. Because he is determined to reduce the TWENTY TRILLION DOLLAR U.S. national debt which is more than the nation and this President can stand!

As he has said repeatedly, he holds no malice against the G7 and G20 top trading nations of the world for taking absolute advantage with their trading imbalances against the U.S. over the past forty years. Even though the U.S. has done much more than the rest of the world's nations combined to prosper every one of these nations, now with prosperous economies.

Especially Germany and China

And especially the GERMAN ECONOMY since the end of World War Two with a FIFTY BILLION annual trade imbalance with the U.S. and whose current leadership displays nothing but resentment when told that it is time to institute EVEN TRADE PRACTICES.

China will, of course, continue to flatter and play the waiting game with their MASSIVE trade imbalance which some figure at 500 BILLION annually, plus the theft of intellectual properties that should never have been allowed in the first place!

After enjoying his new found fame for eighteen months the President has now become unavoidably annoyed, with his Scottish impatiens to GET THE JOB DONE now kicking in, and has announced HEAVY TARIFFS OR ELSE, fix the problem!

The Scots are known for their ability to build and for their financial frugality which he has displayed in building his own personal fortune, and for their straight talk, something which has been missing, coming from American and British world leadership since political correctness has dominated world affairs.

Stating that "the American auto industry has suffered long enough" he has announced tariff's of 25% on foreign steel and auto imports, which most nations have long levied on U.S. vehicles making it IMPOSSIBLE for the average Japanese to ever own a Chevy!

The French Are Upset...

The French Premier Macro and the French Canadian P.M. of Canada, Trudeau are upset! Threatening to sign a G6 contract to exclude the U.S. from trade with them!

But the decision will not come from France or Canada, the German Chancellor who controls the decision-making process of the twenty-eight E.U. nations and those with E.U. trade agreements including Canada will decide what is to be done.

Merkel remains silent knowing that the vibrant German economy depends upon it's exports of FIFTY PERCENT of all manufactured goods and presently enjoys a $50 Billion dollar trade imbalance with the U.S. annually. The E.U. combined trade imbalance with the U.S. stands at $150 Billion annually.

She will probably force all to aqueous to a compromise with the President for now. But, there are those in Germany who are planning a long-term solution to U.S. world dominance which will mean A TIME OF THE MOST SEVERE TROUBLE for America and Britain!

Canadian government subsidies to its dairy farmers and lumber industry over the years is causing bankruptcy's and has left the U.S. lumber industry in Washington and Oregon in depression for years after every recession, delaying their return to stability.

Time For Even Trade Policy - Time For War...

Yes, it is time for EVEN TRADE if for no other reason than to help the guardian nation of the FREE WORLD who has sacrificed ALL and has gone into the DEEPEST DEBT of any nation in world history along with GREAT BRITAIN in order to POLICE THE WORLD, PRESERVING WORLD PEACE which has also helped to PROSPER ALL NATIONS.

The massive imbalance with China, the huge 150 Billion trade imbalance with the E.U. nations, the annual Japanese imbalances which was around 50 Billion and Mexico's rising 60 Billion imbalance, together with the total of all 20 top trading nations and groups of nations have drained U.S. assets and industry to the point where a permanent correction must now be made!

But the animosity created by this correction will turn to absolute HATRED by former WORLD WAR TWO ENEMIES who will acquire NUCLEAR WEAPONS in the very near future and unfortunately we will see TRADE WAR turn to WORLD WAR against the United States and Britain ONE LAST TIME. Believe it or believe it not, unfortunately it is going to happen!

Following The Meeting...

Following the meeting The German Chancellor's office released a photo with Merkel taking what is described as an 'Alfa Mail' stance, standing and leaning across a table in a lecture pose towards the President seated below her, with the rest of the G7 leaders in the background looking on.

No doubt this will appear on the front page of every newspaper and magazine covers across the 500,000,000 populated E.U. continent. A picture says a thousand words, but this one portrays a huge lie at the present time as the German GDP of just over 5 Billion annually is only one quarter that of the U.S., and the current GDP of all other nations at the G7 meeting combined barely equals that of the supposed 19 Billion Dollars of the U. S.

But, the fact that the Chancellors office has released such an image strongly indicates the German intention to ONE DAY dominate the United States. And that is what Germany is right now attempting to achieving through the leadership of the single nation EUROPE and with the support of the Vatican and the entire Catholic world with an additional 500,000,000 South American population!

...More on the history of the meetings of the top twenty industrial world powers known as the G7 and G20 on Page 2 of Librarian's Comments. Also see DAVOS.



President Trump's inauguration speech displayed the strength needed to lead the American people in the early 21st Century. It was one of the shortest inaugural speeches ever given, but one of the most honest in telling it like it is, as our nation lies burdened with the greatest national debt in world history! His speech also gave hope to the nation's unemployed.

Speaking of the loss of our industrial strength he said, "Rusted out factories are scattered like tombstones across the land." "...For many generation's we have prospered other nations and strengthened their defenses while our wealth disappeared over the horizon... But this was in the past, we look only to the future." "The time for empty talk is over, now arrives the time for action!" ..."We will bring back our wealth and bring back our jobs, we will get our people off welfare and back to work."

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"You have already appointed your divorce lawyers. If you think of this building as a temple, he is the high priest, a fanatic. In fact, there is only one nationalist in the room (the European Parliament). It's you! You want flags, anthems, ARMIES. You are an E.U. nationalist and I frankly, pretty much think that your appointment is a declaration of WAR on any sensible negotiation process."

These comments were made recently by twenty-year Brexit leader Nigel Farage on the floor of the European Parliament, directly to Mr. Verhofstad, one of the European Parliaments representative chosen to negotiate Britain's new trade terms with this economic and political giant. So much for the earlier command of the German Chancellor, "No need to be nasty" to Britain.

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SO, WHO GOES IN: To Bring Middle East Stability?

The Middle East and North Africa are becoming a European problem, with MILLIONS of MUSLIMS now invading Europe as refugees. Will the answer be a European full scale invasion of the Middle East as so called peace makers?

Millions of refugees from the prolonged Syrian and Iraqi wars and from the continuing civil war in Libya, as well as those fleeing ongoing wars and hunger in North African nation's are now arriving by the millions in Europe, where they are no longer being welcomed with open arms.

The European Parliament as well as the individual national governments in Europe showed compassion at first, with the German chancellor announcing her nations eagerness to welcome them, but soon after her comments with eight hundred thousand arrivals in Germany this has changed and most European nations would like to close their borders.

Perhaps the one most frightening perspective for years to come is the fact that the vast majority of those arriving are young Muslim men, in the region of 70% of the entire numbers! And threats have been made to send terrorists into Europe along with the fleeing refugees. This has raised the threat to European cities and to the Vatican!


OLD ALLIES: Sign New Trade Deal Meeting In GERMANY.

As President Trump headed to the G20 meeting in Germany via Poland on his second visit to Europe, two members of the former Axis Powers, Japan, and Germany, signed a new free trade deal.

On President Trump's first visit German Chancellor Angela Merkel took offense when he brought up the fact that the European nations including Germany had not met the long agreed two percent of GDP contribution to fund the NATO alliance. The U.S. has been paying 70% of the cost of keeping NATO in existence.

Chancellor Merkel also took offense at the President for mentioning the fact that Germany has an annual trade imbalance of more than 'fifty billion dollars' in Germany's favor with the U.S., which he wants to be corrected by Germany purchasing more U.S. goods.

Merkles Reaction

Following the visit Merkel had the German finance minister release a statement decrying Mr. Trump's statements.

Chancellor Merkel also announced that "Germany could no longer be totally dependent upon America and Britain for Germany's defense." This coincides with efforts already underway to form a new European armed forces.

See related video's on Page 2 of the Free Video Library.

Germany Re-arming Through The E.U.

Speaking of the British exit from the German-controlled twenty-seven nation European Union, Merkel stated: "Germany was now leading Europe and will do great things..."

Prophecy indicates that additional nations will attempt to escape German control, mainly the Protestant democracies, and that a TEN NATION militarized Europe will repeat the actions taken by Hitler's Germany against these same nations.

This time using nuclear weapons in a fatal attack to swiftly defeat America and Britain! Watch as US-British and German relations continue to worsen!

...More on the meetings of the top twenty industrial world powers known as the G20 on Page 2 of Librarian's Comments.



Much has been made of Russian hacking of the DNC during the 2016 U.S. elections. Hillary Clinton claims this was done to weaken her chances of winning because as Secretary of State she had complained when Mr. Putin took unfair advantage in past Russian elections. The Russian interference resulted in the expulsion of diplomats and the closure of diplomatic facilities in the U.S. 

Nothing has been mentioned regarding the head of the Vatican States involvement during the U.S. election when he openly attacked Donald Trump by name and condemned his policies. In doing so he signaled to the seventy-two million Roman Catholics in America not to vote for this Protestant candidate, working to influence American voters and the outcome of the election!

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What is this thing between the American and British people? Why the love and admiration in America for all things British? Was it because the Beatles came to America bringing with them the British Invasion of rock musicians such as Eric Clapton and the Rolling Stones? 

Or because that small island nation with its back to the Atlantic ocean stood its ground against the Nazi onslaught of the German bomber fleets sent to pound British cities into the ground and the British people into submission and total surrender to a tyrannical regime only seventy-five years ago?

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The 1000 Years of World Peace is drawing ever closer, in our lifetime, even as we see the time of 'Jacob's troubles' (America and Britain) growing ever more treacherously closer, as a visible division is created between Germany, and the U.S. and Britain as the British attempt to extricate themselves from forty years of EUROPEAN CONTROL. 

In his 2017 speech to the U.N., President Trump spoke out for the freedom of individual Nation States and for FAIR TRADE around the world, rather than the formation of large trade blocks making exclusive trade agreements (then imposing their will on any nation who will not bend to their control.) Clearly referring to the government of the European Union. 

This Week In The European Parliament

In mid-October of 2017, the European Parliament's Brexit negotiator Guy Verhomsted, A MAN TO WATCH presented an additional list of demands for British compliance and had these easily approved by a two-thirds vote of the seven hundred and fifty member Parliament, making it even more difficult for Britain to leave.

The recent vote is interesting, because those voting against the Verhomsted proposal's will be those representing the next nations to attempt to leave the E.U., namely the Protestant North Western European nations who also oppose the dominance of the growing European dictatorship, now waiting for the prophesied European dictator. 

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The Wall Street Journal recently quoted our President as saying 'Fire And Fury Threat Was Not Enough.' The New York Times headline read 'North Korean Leader, Once Dismissed, Is Now In Firm Control' and the USA Today headline read 'Trump, Kim Could Find Way Back To Diplomacy.'

Following World War Two the Korean peninsula was divided between the Russian controlled North and the U.S. controlled South. Because of the onset of the 'cold war,' Russia handed control of the North over the China.

The war, between North and South Korea, was decided by the Chinese military's push south through North Korea causing the U.S. retreat to the 38th parallel, to where the U.S. military still stands on guard, almost seventy years later.

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The Catholic Church teaches that we are now in the 'Third Millennium of the Kingdome Of God On Earth' under the rule of the church at Rome with the head of that would be world dominant body ruling 'in the place of Christ'. The current Pope made mention of this time frame when addressing the U.S. Congress for the first time in 2016.

But where did the church which the Pope represents get the concept of a 'millennial rule' and how could the world have lost the original teaching of the Apostles on this vitally important subject?

We are dealing with 'Gods' 7000 Year Plan' one of the most important truths handed down by the true Church of God throughout history, teaching Gods' time table of the principal of the seven day week being applied to 'one day being a thousand years with God.'

Man Given 6000 Year Rule

Gods' plan to allow man's rule on earth to last for six days or 'six thousand years' before giving us a 'one thousand year rest' from destructive wars and World Wars culminating in the soon coming destruction of ALL LIFE on the earth, if not stopped by an overwhelming intervention by a loving God who will soon find it necessary to save us from ourselves.

He will establish His World Government under the direct rule of Jesus Christ from Jerusalem, not from Rome and NOT by a FALSE CHRIST sitting in the coming Temple to be built in Jerusalem before Christ's return!

God will replace the governments of all nations with the literal Government of God on earth 'as it is in heaven' if you learned what is referred to as The Lord's Prayer?

The Beginning Of The First Millenium

This will be the BEGINNING of the FIRST MILLENIUM of the KINGDOME OF GOD on earth. And this does not begin until World War Three has been cut short by the direct intervention of God in the person of Jesus Christ (His name meaning 'Justice and Saviour') of the human race.

And at that point in time the meaning of His name will be fully realised as all life is brought to the point where it is about to be totally wiped out!

Learn how those who were given control of the Roman state religion slowly but surely suppressed the teaching of the truth of 'Gods' 7000 Year Plan.' The history of how this was achieved is found on Page 2 of the America And Britains Future Free Library.

This truth is of vital importance to YOUR understanding of soon coming events affecting America and Britain's future as well as the entire world population.

"JUST WHO DO WE THINK WE ARE?": Asks the Chief Justice


In our nation where 7% of the world's population enjoy 40% of the world's wealth, God in whom we once trusted for our national security, peace, and happiness as well as our abundant food supply, now WARNS the United States that we are in danger of losing EVERYTHING!

God says "I have a controversy with the nations," beginning with America and Britain and those nations following the BAD EXAMPLE our highest courts have now set, as they overturn foundational laws once based on Gods Law.

It has been forty years and the loss of almost FORTY MILLION unborn American lives since the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Gods' Law on 'the right to life' of a fetus in the womb!

Now the highest court in the land has RULED against another of Gods' foundational principals of family life. It was God who made it HIS LAW, instituting marriage as 'a contract between a man and a woman.'

Only in the nations where the greatest freedoms still exist has this foundational building block of society been demolished, even as our nations still dwells in comparative peace and safety, as the protection of a loving God is slowly being withdrawn!


Terror Attacks: See The Wonderful World Tomorrow: What It Will Be Like'

The tragedies occurring in terror attacks in London, Manchester, and Paris saddens our nations, these attacks are mainly carried out by lone terrorists descended from the same people who have been Israelis attackers over thousands of years.

This situation is meant to make us consider whether we as the most blessed descendants of ancient Israel are now offending the God who promised to protect our nations?

A short read of 'The United States And Britain In Prophecy' and the extensive 'America And Britain In Prophecy' or 'Ending The Arab - Israeli Impasse' on Page 1 of the Library will give you the information you need to know why this is happening.

Learn of a time in our future, after the coming World War Three attack from Germany soon to strike our nations, when all nation will live in peace, without the fear of attack.

Read the advanced GOOD NEWS of 'The Wonderful World Tomorrow: What It Will Be Like.


WHY DID GOD ALLOW 9/11: And Recent Terrorist Attacks - There Is A Reason.

Remembering Those Who Died And Their Loved Ones...

As you read the important information contained in the America And Britains Future Free Library you will find that America and Britain, the nations of Western and North Western Europe including France, as well as the modern state of Israel are the descendant nations of ancient Israel, chosen by God to set the world a right example.

The United States and the British Empire now the British Commonwealth of nations including Canada, Australia, and New Zealand once controlled two-thirds of the world's wealth and still control the greatest degree of world dominance.

But we are now following the same destructive path as our ancestors.

The 9/11 attack assaulted the older generation's assumption that the American homeland was protected by God and that somehow fair warning would be given in time to avert such a tragic event. Many from the British Commonwealth and other nations were lost that terrible day of the World Trade Center terrorist attack.

Some may have stopped to look for a deeper meaning behind this tragedy, but many it seems did not and within a few short years the 'liar loan' mortgage scandal broke. Up to 90% of worthless home mortgages provided during the housing boom had been bundled into Triple A Bonds and 80% of these were sold around the world, causing the potential failure of major banks and the entire world economy!


AMERICA AND BRITAIN: In The Coming Wonderful World Tomorrow!

The American and British people have enjoyed tremendous prosperity and success throughout the last two centuries, which appears to have been handed directly to them in comparison to all other nations.

How does a small island nation suddenly find itself ruling over the largest Empire the world has ever known? And just as suddenly the North American continent becomes populated by those of similar ethnic background, set to become the greatest single nation in history.

To learn how and why these nations were meant to take center stage just when they did, see several titles on Page 1 of the America and Britains Future Free Library, including 'United States And Britain In Prophecy' and the extensive 'America And Britain In Prophecy' for proof of Gods' plan to fulfill His promise of national greatness made long ago to ancient Israel's descendants.

The fulfillment of that promise has been completed. Now, God's 7000-year plan is about to enter the traumatic time during the merge into the 1000 years of coming world peace! Two titles 'The Wonderful World Tomorrow: What It Will Be Like' found on Page 1 and 'The Coming: Wonderful World Tomorrow!' on Page 4 of the Library picture in detail the peace and prosperity soon to come to ALL nations! See 'How The World Suppressed Gods' 7000 Year plan,' on Library Page 2.

Re-education will play a large part in the coming 1000 years of peace and prosperity. The greatest improvement will be in our change from so called 'Human Nature' to the way of outgoing concern for others and the ability to understand the purpose for human life. This is fully explained in both 'Wonderful World Tomorrow' titles.

To understand this traumatic transitional time our world is now entering see 'World Peace: How It Will Come' on Page 1 of the Library

DAVOS: E.U. And World Forum

In 2018 the 45th President of the United States, Donald J Trump came to DAVOS. Although unpopular with E.U. leaders, world business loves him!

The Wall Street Journal quotes the president: "I am here today to represent the interests of the American people, and to affirm America's friendship and partnership in building a better world," Mr. Trump told a packed hall of about 1,600 at the World Wide Forum.

"He talked up the U.S. economy and said, "there has never been a better time" for business to invest in the country.

The President explained that: "'America First' does not mean America alone," striking a largely conciliatory tone after what have at times been strained relations between the U.S. and it's key global allies and trading partners. (End of quote)

Summits Began

The Davos Summits began in 1971 as a vehicle to promote European Integration. Today 2,500 world political, economic and philanthropic leaders gather in an attempt to further the peace, economic stability, good health and human rights of the world.

Although the Alpine setting lends itself to a relaxed peaceful forum, the world's troubles are carried to Davos.

The condition of the European economy and the survival of the European currency became the main topic of the 2015 conference. The announcement of the European Central Bank's stimulus package raised stock markets around the world temporarily at least.

But as one ECB board member warned, unless the 15 member nations of the Euro Zone enact the recommended reforms it was feared that the 1.1 Billion Euro stimulus offered to the member banks would not be enough to stimulate growth.

The amount of E.U. world share of exported GDP has continually declined over the life of the European Union and the U.S. economic recovery will further hamper the strength of the Euro, frustrating as this is to the Chancellor, Germany will be prepared to pay much more in order to maintain the achievements they have made in taking economic and political control of Europe.

Maintaining the Euro is a German intention, as is the creation of a Euro Armed Forces by the end of 2025!

The building of a European Nuclear Arsenal from the French and if still possible from the British Nuclear stockpile is also a German intent, and as has been reported Germany is prepared to pay! Although they have not been prepared to pay their 2% share of maintaining NATO forces.

When pressed by the President on this at the 2017 NATO meeting, the German Chancellor was reported to have replied: "the German people would not like that" and neither would they like President Trumps urging for Germany to correct their $50 billion annual trade imbalance with the U.S. which was also brought up.

Britain Going to Germany

Germany has a $30 billion trade imbalance with Britain which should also be corrected! This has not been discussed however as the British Brexit negotiators struggle to appease the German Chancellors E.U. negotiations.

You may remember former Prime Minister Cameron had to go to the German Chancellor when attempting to secure 'a better deal' to keep Britain in the E.U. This is the power now wielded by Germany in Europe, and with a European army, it may become impossible for any further departures!

As the E.U. President Jon-Claud Junker appointed by the German Chancellor stated before the E.U. army announcement: "We do not want any more Brexits."

Chinas Rise To World Power

Since Chinas rise to power, the Japanese economy was forced to suffer the loss of U.S. orders going to China and developed a 200% to GDP debt ratio, twice that of the U.S. at the time. They were forced to start down the road of cheapening the Yen by their own Quantitative Easing program, something previous Japanese governments had refused to be a part of.

The statement made by the Japanese Prime Minister at the 2014 conference, that "Japanese-Chinese relations today are similar to British-German relations before the beginning of World War One" brought the fear of full-scale military aggression to DAVOS.

King Abdullah Of Jordan

King Abdullah of Jordan joined the 2,600 in attendance at the Economic Summit since 2013, and has recently commented on the move of the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, stating "We will agree to differ."

The Kingdom of Jordan has maintained a consistent stabilizing influence in the region as the King endeavors to supply humanitarian assistance to hundreds of thousands of displaced families from the ongoing conflicts in the Middle East.

Of interest to the King would be the contents of the article on Pages 1 and 2 of Librarian's Comments titled 'So, Who Goes In: To Bring Middle East Stability.'

As this foretells a future E.U.-German invasion of several Middle Eastern nations in the not too distant future, this would be of interest to all heads of State in the Middle East, as would be 'Middle East In Prophecy' on Page 1 of the Library.




Christ's present description is given in the first chapter of Revelation.

Rather than the long-haired weakling depicted by artists who have created a totally imaginary likeness of Jesus Christ, they and the movie makers of today break the second Commandment and by doing so make a mockery of one of the two most powerful Beings in existence, as well as all that relates to God.

This does not mean that we cannot know Gods' appearance from scripture. The God Family do not leave us in ignorance as to their appearance, but we are told not to make any images or create any artists impressions of God or of anything in heaven.

In the first book of Genesis, these two great beings decide: "Let us make man in Our image." So our physical form is like Gods' yet we do not have the 'Spirit Being' appearance of God the Father or of the one who later became known as Jesus Christ. Meaning Justice and Saviour - for the work He is in the process of achieving.

You may be shocked when you read of the appearance of this incredible being. He was not and is not the effeminate weakling who's likeness some want you to carry in your mind!

Be sure to read this in Revelation 1:12-20. (You can Google It)


TO STARVE A PEOPLE: Why DROUGHT In America, Canada and Australia?

America and Britain, Canada, Australia - Your Water Supply Is DRYING UP!

The winter of 2016 was the wettest on record in 150 years! Surprisingly such conditions are common during periods of decades long severe drought.

Producing half the nations fruit and vegetables and many other crops worth $41 billion each year, California remained 95% in drought in 2015 but has recovered its reservoir storage capacity which was down to 36% with water supply to major population centers threatened!

Eighty percent of Californian rainfall drains into the ocean and in 2016 flooding has caused chaos and destruction nation wide!

See the remainder of this article to learn WHY even worsening drought conditions will return nation wide as our croplands dry out and our cities are deprived of needed water supply!



Americans see home ownership as achieving much of the American Dream. The British believe an Englishman’s home is his castle.

The failure of large U.S. mortgage providers should not detract from the achievement of U.S. contractors raising home construction figures from one million homes per year in the 90’s to two million homes each year in the early 2000’s. No nation in history has achieved such figures in home construction, a tribute to the tremendous ability of this nation's work force.

This is an achievement we may not see again until the beginning of the coming one thousand years of re-construction of our nations. America and Britain and the rest of the world will see a time when all previous records will be broken and no one need suffer foreclosure.

It was my privilege to have been a part of the teamwork which exists in the British and U.S. construction industry. I am now retired from construction after 43 years of hard physical labour or labor, depending on which side of the Atlantic you are on. I now work on a Mac which has a much lighter tool bar.

I am dedicated to serving the American and British people through the pages of the American And Britains Future Free Library and the ‘United States and Britain in Prophecy’ Community Outreach Program. You may wish to assist in WARNING our nations of what lies ahead, please participate in this extremely URGENT cause.

My favorite library title ‘The Wonderful World Tomorrow: What It Will Be Like’ is an eye opening look into our future, it will soon be here! Be sure to read this title on Pages 1 and in quick Question and Answer form on Page 4 of the America And Britains Future Library.

To Librarian's Comments Page 2

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America And Britains Future is not affiliated with any publication or website.

America And Britains Future does not support any political party looking forward to the time when God directly intervenes in world affairs to establish His Government on earth.

America And Britains Future believing that all peoples are created in God's image in order to compliment Him.

If you have recently become aware of America And Britains Future you may wish to contribute, all contributions are tax deductible in the U.S.

America And Britains Future, P.O. Box 4877, Oceanside, C.A. 92052.

Today 1 Billion people suffer hunger and lack clean drinking water. Malaria kills thousands of children each year for lack of an inexpensive mosquito net! Visit: also Remember those in our local communities where we are told one in six may lack an adequate supply of food. See: to find your local food bank.


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